Wood Stem (Grip Neck Stem) Casters

  • Drill a 3/8" x 1-5/8" hole in the wood then tap metal socket in, then tap the caster into the socket.

  • To remove prior wood stem casters use the claw end of the hammer to pry out the old caster and socket.

Office Chair Casters

  • Turn your chair upside down and pull out the old casters. If they are hard to pull out, use the claw end of a hammer to pop them out.

  • Push the new casters up into the internal sockets in the chair base spokes.

  • Enjoy your new ride!


Big Feet® Glides

  • Pre-drill insertion hole that is slightly smaller than the tack nail.

  • Tap glides into the hole with a hammer.

  • If replacing existing glides, a dab of glue will help keep the glide secured if the old insertion hole is a slightyly wider than the tack nail.