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Floor Protection, Casters and Glides

The right casters (or furniture glides) can provide you with better traction and protect you floor or carpet investment.

In general, hard wheels like nylon, pvc and/or plastic make rolling easier on low to medium pile carpet easier. 
The easier a wheel is to manuever,  the less stress and wear and tear on your carpet (and your body). For high pile carpet, a larger than standard (50m) hard wheel will usually enable easier rolling and pivoting. Often larger wheels eliminate the need for a chair mat on carpet.

Softer wheels like polyurethane and rubber tread wheels provide traction, making movement easier on hard surface flooring like hardwood and tile. Their softer wheel surface will not scratch hard surface floors like plastic or nylon, giving them floor protective qualities.  For furniture that is not well adapted to a caster, a padded furniture glide with a felt base will protect floors.

Floor and carpet factors such as material composition and furniture weight tolerance differ. Customers should always review their flooring or carpet product and warranty information prior to caster selection and installation. For fine floors or carpets, we also recommend consulting a flooring professional regarding caster use and weight tolerance.

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